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12 Hours at the Point May 30-31, 2003

The fifth annual 12 Hours at the Point began on Friday with both qualifying and night practice. As the large field of 55 cars took to the field for the first time during qualifying session. Qualifying went very well with Cindi qualifying the car 14th on the grid, and 4th in class.

Saturday morning began with steady rain, stopping at 10:30. As the noon start of the race drew closer, a dry track could be seen. Cindi started the race, staying on track until the car was running on fumes. By running at a consistent and smooth pace, she stayed on track for 2 hours and 45 minutes. Pat Skees was next to drive the car, but was forced to come in after only an hour and 45 minutes, due not to mechanical failure, but due to a driver bladder failure. By this point, the rain had returned and was coming down with a vengeance, when Rick got in the car. Rick capitalized on the track conditions and was one of the fastest cars on track for the next 2 hours. Race officials black-flagged the race, halting everything, when the lightening threatened the safety of the corner workers. As the lightning passed, the rain also ended, and when the green flag was dropped, the 85 car came in to switch from rain tires back to slicks, as well as a driver change. Pat was in the car next for another repair free stint. Rick and Pat traded off as drivers, until Pat took the checker at midnight. The end result was 2nd in class, and 4th overall, an excellent finish for the RC Imports team. The result was due to great driving from all the drivers, an incident free race for the 85 car, and the invaluable efforts of the crew, who made it all possible.

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